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The overarching objective of the project is to offer guidance to both public and private entities in the tourism sector to assist in the revival of tourism in Andalusia.

To this end, the project seeks to reduce the levels of perceived risk by developing a strategy for the communication of hygiene standards and safety measures that will attract tourists to Andalusia.

Three perspectives are taken into account:




This overarching objective is broken down into the following specific goals:

O1.  To identify the level of understanding of the risk posed by Covid-19 in Spain’s domestic tourism and in its three main outbound countries and to compare different alternatives for communicating that risk.
O2.  To produce a guide to hygiene standards and safety measures that optimise a) safety, from a public health perspective, b) the ability to attract domestic and international tourists, and c) the effective implementation of the measures in the tourism context, taking into account the tasks most commonly performed in this sector.
O3.  To evaluate the impact on demand of the standards and measures predicted for the sector, which affect destinations, tourist attractions, and tourism services.
O4.  To create a series of visual symbols for the guide on hygiene/safety standards that is easy to implement and readily conveys the content of each measure to make it accessible to relevant publics.
O5.  To identify the likely changes in tourism sector trends in terms of travel, overnight stays, types of tourism, and expenditure types, as well as strategies to enhance an activity that is being undermined by the restrictions that are being imposed.